Airport qualification training LFTZ and LSGS

Airport site training

We are pleased to announce our latest training offering for Pilatus PC-12 owners with valid license: Specific airport training at La Môle, France and in Sion, Switzerland. Our team of experienced instructors is here to help Pilatus PC-12 pilots master the unique challenges of landing at these specific airports.

LFTZ: Our in-aircraft training program provides you with the opportunity to learn and practice landing techniques directly in La Môle with your own Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. This hands-on approach allows you to gain practical experience and enhance your flying skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Our expert instructors have years of flying experience in and out of La Môle airport and are qualified to provide personalized instruction and support to our customers.

LSGS: Our approved simulator training program is designed to help Pilatus PC-12 pilots gain the confidence and skills necessary to handle any landing scenario at Sion LSGS. Our training program will help you to enhance your flying experience, improve safety and ensure a smooth and successful landing every time.

We invite you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Airport site training

Recurrent pilot training

We are thrilled to announce our Recurrent Course for Pilatus PC-12 pilots, which is designed to help pilots like you stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills required for safe and efficient flying. As you know, owning a license for the Pilatus PC-12 is a great accomplishment and we understand that maintaining your skills and knowledge is critical to ensure safe operations. That's why we have developed a Recurrent Course that is specifically tailored to your needs as a Pilatus PC-12 pilot.

Our Recurrent Course covers a wide range of topics, including monthly briefing refreshers, emergency landing procedures in the simulator, and more. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the latest knowledge and techniques, as well as hands-on training to help you stay current and confident in your flying skills.

Whether you're a new Pilatus PC-12 pilot or have been flying for years, our Recurrent Course is the perfect way to refresh your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and techniques. Our training is designed to be flexible and convenient, with both online and in-person training options available.

So, if you're looking to stay current and confident in your Pilatus PC-12 flying skills, our Recurrent Course is a perfect choice. We are confident that you will find our training to be informative, engaging and beneficial.

Recurrent pilot training

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